Hickey Freeman Suit

The Hickey Freeman Suit has been around for ages, and over the years has been bought by a couple different companies. In fact when I first made this page, Hickey Freeman had a different owner than it does today.


This company started out in 1889 and was spawned by Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey. Through mergers and market growth, the company grew dramatically and became a house hold name.

In 1964 the Hartmarx company bought them out. This is the company that still makes Hart Schaffner Marx suits.

The company just recently sold Hickey Freeman to an Indian company named SKNL. This may or may not have been the result of the financial trouble that HSM has been going through the last few years. As you may have read, the American division of Hartmarx went into bankruptcy in 2009.

Hickey Freeman Suit Style

Newer models have a modern streamlined feel to them that matches quite nicely with its traditional colors and patterns.

Interestingly enough, you can find them all over the place. They are being sold in Norstrom, Men’s wearhouse, and online in such big retail stores as Amazon.com.


Their website is very proud of their business and formal lineups and they really should be. You won’t find a suit made from polyester in any of their lineups. Pure wool and silk are the only materials with the highly successful Hickey Freeman name on them.


These suits have dramatic price changes that vary depending on where you buy them. Places like Sierra Trading Post will sell them at around six to seven hundred dollars while places like Nordstrom won’t let them go for less than a grand.


If your looking for a great suit to wear to the office or your next formal occasion, you may want to try a Hickey Freeman suit on. Just keep in mind that depending on what year you buy, the suit quality may be a bit different.

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