Hugo Boss Suit

The Hugo Boss suit is just one of the many items this company has to offer. HB is made up of 5 different tiers: Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange, Boss Green, and Hugo.

The company explains that if your looking for a suit you should look into its Boss Black line. The Boss Black lineup consists of its mens and womens business ensemble.


Hugo Boss was created in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss. Unfortunately, the company was founded in Germany and during World War 2 ended up operating under auspicious conditions. They used forced labor as well as French prisoners in their factories.

As a result, the company has set up an international fund to try to compensate these past forced laborers.

After the war, the company quickly rebounded and increased their labor force to almost two hundred workers.

Hugo Boss Suit Style

The great thing about this lineup is that it is diverse enough that you could wear these suits to almost any occasion and always be dressed appropriately.

Between the Hugo models and the Boss models, there are plenty of design styles to go around.


Wool, cotton, linen…this lineup covers all the major materials. The versatility in materials makes these suits great for multiple weather conditions.

If you like the brand, you can buy both summer and winter suits from them.


Traditional colors and more trendy hues add even more diversity to an already light footed brand.


New Models should range anywhere from $500 to $1,000. They can be purchased at places like Nordstrom as well as other big department stores.

Look out for slightly older Hugo Boss suit models and you will find a great bargain.


The price tag on this line up is only gonna go up. Buy one while you can still get in at a discount.

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