J Press Suits

J Press suits have been covering mens bodies since 1902. These suits are well known among Ivy Leaguers for their impeccable tailoring.

J Press Suits Style

This designer is an American classic that makes all of its suits with hand made tailoring. Models consist of the Pressidential, Presstige, and Pressclusive models. (yes these words are spelled correctly) Within each line up, you’ll find mostly two button models with flap pockets and thin lapels.

The Pressidential is the high end model and the prices tend to be a few hundred dollars more than the Presstige and the Pressclusive. They all have plain front trousers and many of them have a mix of cashmere in them.

Presstige models come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are practically all made from wool.

The Pressclusive models are classic suits made in conservative colors.


Materials range from super spun wool, flannel, gabardine, and even cashmere. This means you can use use different variations of this suit all year-round. Buy a worsted wool or cotton model for warm weather wear and a flannel model for the winter.


Depending on which line you go with, you will find a wide range of colors. While the Pressclusive models all tend to be darker shades, the Presstige and Pressidential models tend to have a nice array of bright and non-traditional colors.


Prices are in the $1,000 range which makes this a nice value based luxury suit. Depending which model you decide on, you may end up paying just shy of nine hundred dollars for a great suit.


Men looking to find an American classic in a luxury model should look into J Press suits to line their closets with.

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