Jack Victor Suits

Jack Victor suits are shipped to us from Montreal and have been doing so since 1913. This company was originally found by Jack Victor the man and has been passed down to his son and eventually to his grandson.

Jack Victor Suits Style

Classic 2 and 3 button styling with the usual cuts and vents. Subtle pinstripes and and solids make them great for formal occasions.

The company is constantly updating its style and although their suits were spawned almost a century ago, they are still relevant today.

Wear these suits to get a nice mix of traditional wear as well as modern stylings.

The company website says that they use modern technology to cut their suits, but fall back to classic hand ironing to finish them off. This balanced approach gives a hand crafted look while keeping price points reasonable.


This is where this suit gets interesting. Jack Victor likes to use a wool with a healthy amount of elasticity. This material not only keeps the suit from wrinkling easy, but it also makes it ultra comfortable. Be warned – this is not an excuse to over eat.

The fabrics used to make this suit come from fabric mills in Northern Italy and can be found in wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, and silk.


Solid colors look the best on their models. Pinstripes are decent but lack the extra authority that stripes normally lend.


Expect to pay between $400 and $800 depending on the materials chosen, and the vendor you choose to shop with.


These suits are a nice addition to both your leisure and business attire.

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