John Varvatos Suits

John Varvatos suits have a nice modern look to them. The designer makes men look more streamlined with a new chic professionalism.


JV was launched in the year 2000. In only eight short years the company has moved from sportswear to a complete brand covering all aspects of a mans lifestyle.

John Varvatos Suits Style

The designs are stripped down to the basics. Thin lapels, 2 buttons, and only 2 jacket pockets give them a futuristic look.

This design is appealing to some while repugnant to others, so you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Many people feel that John Varvatos suits are too fashion forward to wear to the office and this is true for some of their models.

However, there are quite a few models that are conservative enough to wear to all but the most conservative offices.


Mostly wool and wool blends with the occasional cotton or linen thrown in for good measure.


Traditional solids and pinstripes that give off a nice authoritarian look.


Retail prices tend to be in and around eight hundred dollars, but you can find models at lower price points.

With these suits you are mostly paying for brand recognition and style rather than durability and stitch quality.

This is not to say that they aren’t made well, but they are not canvassed and for eight hundred dollars, one would not expect to find a fully fused suit.


A suit made by Varvatos is great for those looking for something new and fashion forward. If you are looking for a life style brand, then these suits may be just what you are looking for.

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