Jones of New York Suits

Jones of New York suits have gotten very popular over the last few years. This is because they have made a suit that fits well on just about everybody.

Although this company is more well known for their women’s line up, they do have a large array of men’s clothing as well. This includes, but is not limited to a traditional men’s business suit.

They have a wide array of two and three button suits and many cuts to choose from. Take these suits to the office or anywhere else you like.

You’ll find that you can buy pleated and flat front pants, so you’ll have the option to cuff them or to leave them uncuffed at the bottom.

These suits can be purchased at multiple store fronts and all over the place online. Their website also sells their suits which is not always the case with a lot of designers.

Materials for these suits will usually consist of wool with a nylon shell lining for maximum comfort.

Look out for their special Golden-Fil Cloth and you’ll be glad you did.

Colors for Jones of New York suits tend to run the gamut and you can find them in black, khaki, navy blue, and almost any other color you can think of.

New Models retail at a low starting price of around $500.00. However, if your looking for a real bargain you can probably pick one up online for even less money.

Currently – (2011), you can find them on their site for less than three hundred dollars.

If you’re searching for a nice classic suit to wear, this might be the suit for you. The suit is reasonably price, well designed, and made from decent fabric that should stand up to the daily rigors of the office.

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