Keithmoor Suits

Keithmoor suits are designs made from the Coppley organization. They are Italian made with the usual lust for luxury and style all in one package.

Keithmoor Suits Style

Jackets range from double breasted vent-less models to single breasted two and three button vented models. Look for most pant models to be pleated or double pleated in the usual Italian fashion.


Super 120s wool is the dominant material for this line. This quality wool puts it in the mid range category for quality of material.


Classic blacks, grays, and blues dominate most of the lineup. Look for a fancy pinstripe, plaid, or windowpane model to liven your suit up.


Retail prices weigh in at about $600. Look to find a price point somewhere in the $200 to $400 range.


Men looking for a middle range suit without any particular strengths or weaknesses might want to look into this model.

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