Kiton Suit

The Kiton suit is one of the finest handmade suits in the world. This suit is given birth to in Naples Italy using superb fabrics and several days labor.

The company started out making suits in Italy and has gradually expanded its product line to all sorts of clothing. They have also expanded their retail chain to include a shop in both London and New York.

Kiton Suit Style

Cuts and stitches are done completely by hand with painstaking attention to detail. Buyers have their choice between bespoke versions or off the rack. The bespoke versions can be tailored to your specifications which makes the style as versatile as you need it.

However, even the off the rack models are still going to be made the old fashion way. When buying these suits you don’t have to ask whether they are fused or canvassed.

As far as actual style goes, these suits are fairly traditional. For a more unique look within a similar price range, you could go with a Tom Ford suit or perhaps a Brioni.

This being said, it is tough for even those designers to match the high quality of a Kiton suit.


Fine super 150’s wool makes this a great luxury suit. Look for fully lined jackets with pants lined down to the knees.


The number of suits that are made by this designer are limited in quantity each year; this makes the number of colors limited as well. However, you should be able to find all of the classic colors with a few diverse enough to suit your wild side.


Prices match the high quality fabrics and hand-stitching. Expect retail prices to start out at $2,000 and go all the way up to $20,000 and more for the bespoke models.

In fact, the Kiton K-50 is said to be the world’s most expensive suit. This suit takes over 50 hours to make and is comprised of some of the finest fabrics you can find.


Men looking for a suit that is unmatched in both quality of fabric and stitching should look to this designer.

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