Lands End Suits

Lands End suits have been clothing both men and women from their online stores for over a decade. This company has a few brick and mortar locations, but does a large part of its business through their website.

Lands End doesn’t go through retailers and thus cuts its costs by “eliminating the markups of middlemen”. The internet is a great outlet for this type of business and will only get better.

Styles for lands end suits come in the form of both traditional and tailored cuts in two and three button models. Both two and three piece models can be found with pleated or flat front pants. Designs are traditional and can be worn for years to come.

The only material you will find on this company’s suits is wool. Type and quality of wool changes based upon model. For instance you will find a thicker wool in the wrinkle resistant models this company makes.

Colors used in the design of these suits are mostly traditional. You will find blue, black, brown, tan, and gray in solid, pinstripe, and windowpane models.

The price on this suit various based off of the model you choose, but expect to pay somewhere in the range of $100 to $300.

These suits are priced aggressively and are good for men that go through suits quickly. They are also nice suits for those looking to find a classic looking suit at a bargain.

The downside to this suit is that you won’t find hand stitching, half or full canvas models or an option to go bespoke. However, you really aren’t going to find that from any suit company that charges these kinds of prices for their suits and you shouldn’t expect to.

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