Louis Vuitton Suit

The Louis Vuitton suit is strictly for men looking for designer clothing rather than something to wear to work. These suits are outrageously trendy yet unique in their own way.


LV is one of the oldest fashion designers in the world. Starting in 1854 the company has kept its new sales in house through retail stores and online orders.

Although Louis Vuitton specializes in women’s accessories such as hand bags and luggage, they do make a decent suit.

Louis Vuitton Suit Style

Look for anything and everything. There really is no clear direction for any of the models.

Judging by the pictures on their website, it would seem that they are trying to cater to thin men looking for skinny fit suits. The suits seem to have very narrow lapels and tight shoulders that hug the wearer.

These suits are clearly geared more towards men looking for something fashionable to wear to the club rather than towards men looking for something to wear on the floor of the NYSE.


Again, look for anything and everything but expect comfort. Louis Vuitton is high end – you won’t be subjected to any sort of cheap polyester or acrylic.


Drop a box of crayolas on the table and pick one – they probably have your color. The 2008 lineup has a turquoise reminiscent color I’ve never seen before.


Numbers vary greatly but have your credit card handy; these suits are not at bargain prices. In fact, many feel that you are paying more money for the brand rather than for the quality of the materials and cut of the suit.

This is not to say that the suits aren’t of good quality, but you could get something similarly crafted at a more reasonable price without much trouble.


Louis Vuitton suits are made by a unique designer with an even more unique lineup. If you’re tired of the classic look, you might find just what you’re looking for at a Louis Vuitton store near you.

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