Mad Men Suit

When I say mad men suit I’m talking about the suits that the folks from the hit series Mad Men wear and not angry men in suits. When you can see beyond all the smoke, you’ll notice that these men are wearing great suits. These suits are always cleaned and pressed to perfection and are perfectly tailored.

In addition to this, you’ll notice that these suits are almost always made from a nice light wool. This allows them to drape over the body nicely and keeps them from looking cheap, like many suits do when they are made from blends have a lot of polyester in them.

One thing to note is that the lapels are slimmer on these suits than most modern day suits. This can also be said of the ties. During this time frame, lapels and ties tended to be thinner, so it only makes sense that the mad men suit would come in this style.

You’ll also notice that these suits were mostly all with dark ties that matched the suit color. These days many people opt to wear flashier ties and make it the focal point of their look. With the suits from Mad Men, everything blends together nicely and there isn’t any dramatic focal point. The suit and its accessories compliment the way the man looks rather than over shadow him.

White shirts are pretty much all that is worn with this suit and the white shirt is as crisp and clean as the suit itself. The collars of the shirt will vary from button down to button less. Sometimes this shirt is partially covered with a nice vest that matches the suit and pulls the stomach in nicely.

A great compliment to the entire ensemble is the small presence of a pocket square. Many times you’ll see a white pocket square just barely peaking out of the pocket. This is much different than the flashy way many people attempt to wear their pocket squares today.

If you’re searching to buy a suit similar to the ones you’ve been seeing on this show, you’ll want to make sure you go with a quality American style suit. Get it in wool and choose one with a slimmer lapel. A great way to keep it looking sharp is to get the additional traveler’s crease. This will help since light wools tend to wrinkle quicker than thicker ones.

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