Michael Kors Suits

Michael Kors suits are provided to department stores, online stores, and specialty stores like Menswearhouse. They add a nice blend of styles to their mix.

Michael Kors Suits History

Michael Kors started out like many other fashion designers. He started by creating womens wear and eventually moved on to expand his lineup to mens clothing.

According to Wikipedia, the move to menswear took place in 2002.

When looking through suits made by Michael Kors, you’ll find a wide range of designs to choose from. Plaids, windowpanes, pinstripes, and solids are all characteristic of their designs.

They typically don’t have three or four signature series like some other menswear brands tend to favor.

Look for wool suits to start at the super 100’s range and move slightly up into the 120’s for the more expensive models.

Color ranges are wide and provide even more spice to an already unique design. Look for interesting color patterns with styles that augment your natural color.

Prices on this type of suit range from $200 to $600. The reason for the lower price is %100 the lower quality wool. Expect to pay much more if they come out with a higher quality material to use.

This is a great suit for the consumer looking to find a suit that is both unique and stylish. The only drawback when compared to higher end suits is the level of comfort and quality of material.

Also, for the price that you pay for Michael Kors suits, you might find that buying a more traditional suit from another company may give you a better value in terms of stitching and materials.

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