Natazzi Suits

Natazzi suits are said to originate in Italy, and are proudly branded as Italian made suits by most of their retailers. They sure do have an Italian sounding name anyway.

I’ve never worn these suits, but they seem to be predominantly mid range luxury suits with high quality fabrics.

The suits I’ve seen boast of Australian wool and cashmere as well as craftsmanship from Italy.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to verify how much of the suit is actually made in Italy, so you may be getting a suit that is made in China and finished in Italy. If you’re searching for a suit that is made entirely in Italy, I would first contact the seller to make sure.

Natazzi Suits Style

Styles are sleek and modern. Look to find suits with medium size lapels in two and three button models. Pants are usually pleated and jackets are usually single vented.


Look to find wools spun at around the super 140s and higher. These suits are usually fully lined and it is not uncommon to find a touch of cashmere in each.


Colors are classic and conservative. Look for authoritative blue, gray, and black pinstripe models.


Prices are in the $300 – $1,000 range. They are posted all over big bargain sites like Ebay and Amazon with retail prices of two and three thousand dollars.

However, I’ve yet to see one of these suits actually selling for over five hundred dollars.


Men looking for a mid range suit made from luxury fabrics might want to look into this suit brand.

If you do buy one of these suits, please shoot me an email and tell me what you think of it. I’ll post your thoughts up on this site for others to see.

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