Navy Blue Suit Color Combinations You Need to Know

Navy blue suits – they’re the epitome of sophistication, aren’t they? They can make you appear refined and professional, or channel your inner stylish aristocrat. But are you leveraging the full potential of your navy blue suit? Dive with us into the captivating realm of navy blue suit color combinations and explore ways to rejuvenate that trusty navy blue suit in your wardrobe.

In this article, we’ll cover navy blue suit combinations for shirts, ties, shoes, belts, pocket squares, and any other suit accessories you might think of. Let’s dive in.

navy blue suit color combinations

Navy Blue Suit and Shirt Combinations

The navy blue suit is an undisputed classic in men’s fashion. It’s versatile, stylish, and lends an air of professionalism to any setting. But to truly elevate your navy suit game, the right dress shirt is essential. Matching it properly can be the difference between looking sharp and looking just okay. Let’s delve into the perfect shirt pairings for a navy blue suit.

Firstly, the quintessential white dress shirt is your safest bet. It’s crisp, clean, and brings out the rich tones of the navy suit. This combination is timeless and is perfect for formal settings. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, wedding, or a formal dinner, a white shirt under a navy suit never disappoints.

navy blue suit with light blue shirt

Venturing beyond the white, light blue or pastel shades make for a refreshing contrast with navy. A pale pink or soft lavender, for instance, can add a touch of warmth and character to your ensemble. These shades not only complement the deep blue of the suit but also work wonderfully during spring or summer events.

For the more adventurous, patterns can elevate your navy suit game. Think thin stripes or subtle checks in contrasting colors. However, with patterns, ensure that your tie and pocket square are understated to avoid clashing. Remember, the goal is to enhance the suit, not overshadow it.

Useful Table for Matching Navy Blue Suit with Dress Shirt:

Dress Shirt ColorOccasionAdditional Style Notes
WhiteFormal Events, Business MeetingsTimeless and versatile
Light BlueOffice, Casual BusinessRelaxed yet professional
Pastel PinkSpring/Summer Events, Daytime WeddingsWarm and charming
Soft LavenderCasual Events, Spring GatheringsRefreshing contrast
Patterned (e.g., stripes, checks)Semi-formal Events, Trendy GatheringsEnsure tie and pocket square are understated

Navy Blue Suit and Tie Combinations

Even the most exquisite navy suit can fall flat without the right tie. It’s like Batman without Robin; it can stand alone, sure, but why would you want it to? Let’s tie up this conversation with some ideal matches.

Starting off with a crowd favorite: the classic burgundy or deep red tie. This combination brings an aura of confidence and sophistication. It’s versatile enough for both the boardroom and a weekend wedding. The deep red hues pair beautifully with navy, creating a harmonious yet bold contrast.

navy blue suit and red tie

For those wanting to add a touch of modernity to their attire, a tie with geometric patterns or thin stripes in tones of silver or gray is the way to go. These contemporary designs not only exude style but also seamlessly meld with the depth of a navy suit, giving you a polished, trendy appearance.

Venturing into a more playful territory? Consider pastel-colored ties. A soft pink or light lavender tie against a navy suit is a match made for summer soirées or daytime events. The contrast is striking and is sure to fetch you a compliment or ten. Remember, confidence is the key to rocking such contrasts!

Perfect Tie Pairings for a Navy Blue Suit:

Tie Color/PatternOccasionAdditional Style Notes
Burgundy/Deep RedFormal Events, Business MeetingsRich contrast, sophisticated
Silver/Gray with PatternsModern Office, Trendy GatheringsContemporary and stylish
Pastel Pink/LavenderSummer Events, Daytime WeddingsPlayful and refreshing
Bold Patterns (Polka dots, Bold Stripes)Casual Events, PartiesEnsure the shirt is solid and understated

Choose wisely, gentlemen. After all, it’s not just about the suit; it’s about tying the whole look together.

Navy Blue Suit and Pocket Square Combinations

A navy blue suit, with its deep tones and evergreen style, is the epitome of suave. But, if you’re thinking of adding a touch of flair, look no further than the pocket square. This small piece of fabric, when chosen right, can take your ensemble from dapper to downright debonair. Ready to dive into the world of pocket square pairings with your navy suit?

Let’s start with a classic: the crisp, white pocket square. The simplicity and elegance of white against navy are unmatched. This pairing is excellent for formal events, where you aim for a timeless, understated charm. Fold it neatly, and let it subtly peek from your suit pocket.

navy blue suit with white pocket square

For those who like a bit of playfulness, try a pocket square with patterns – think polka dots, paisleys, or even small geometric shapes. The key is to pick colors that either complement or offer a delightful contrast to navy. A touch of red or gold in the pattern can pop beautifully against the blue.

If patterns aren’t your style, consider solid, bold colors. A rich burgundy or mustard yellow pocket square can work wonders against the backdrop of a navy suit. These vibrant additions bring a modern twist, ideal for semi-formal gatherings or occasions where you’re feeling a tad adventurous.

Pocket Square Pairing for a Navy Blue Suit:

Pocket Square Color/PatternOccasionAdditional Style Notes
WhiteFormal Events, Black-Tie AffairsClassic and elegant
Patterns (Polka dots, Paisleys)Semi-formal Events, Trendy GatheringsEnsure tie complements the pocket square
Bold Solid Colors (Burgundy, Mustard)Casual Events, PartiesAdventurous and striking
Pastel Shades (Soft Pink, Lavender)Daytime Events, Summer SoiréesFresh and sophisticated

Remember, a pocket square isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement. With the right choice, your navy suit will command attention like never before.

Navy Blue Suit and Tie Bar Combinations

When it comes to elevating your navy blue suit game, it’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impact. Enter the tie bar: that sleek, often overlooked accessory that holds the power to make or break your ensemble. Think of it as the cherry on top of your sartorial sundae. Ready to dive into the realm of tie bars and navy suits?

The silver tie bar is an all-time classic. Its understated shimmer perfectly complements the deep, rich tones of a navy suit, offering a sophisticated touch without being too flashy. Whether you’re attending a board meeting or a cocktail party, you can never go wrong with this timeless combo.

navy blue suit with tie bar

But maybe you’re the kind of gentleman who enjoys standing out in a subtle way. In that case, consider a tie bar with a hint of gold or rose gold. These shades offer a delightful contrast against navy and work particularly well if you have other accessories, like cufflinks, in the same hue.

If you’re all about expressing your personality, there are tie bars out there adorned with unique designs, textures, or even small gemstones. However, with such distinctive pieces, always ensure that the rest of your accessories remain muted to let the tie bar take center stage.

Tie Bar Guide for a Navy Blue Suit:

Tie Bar Color/DesignOccasionAdditional Style Notes
SilverFormal Events, Business MeetingsTimeless and versatile
Gold/Rose GoldEvening Gatherings, PartiesEnsure other accessories match or complement
Textured or EngravedSemi-formal Events, Office WearAdds personality without overshadowing
Gemstones or Unique DesignsSpecial Occasions, Trendy GatheringsKeep other accessories minimalistic

A tie bar isn’t merely functional; it’s an expression of style and attention to detail. So, next time you don that navy blue suit, let your tie bar do some of the talking.

Navy Blue Suit and Shoe and Belt Combinations

A good pair of men’s dress shoes and a belt can elevate your navy blue suit from “looking good” to “absolute showstopper.” It might sound simple, but the basics, when done right, make all the difference. So, lace up and buckle down; we’re diving into the world of perfect pairings.

When in doubt, start with the classics. A pair of black leather shoes and a matching black belt can never steer you wrong with a navy suit. This combo is clean, sharp, and perfect for formal settings like business meetings or black-tie events. It’s the go-to that every man should have in his arsenal.

navy blue suit and brown shoes

Venturing into a slightly more casual territory? Brown leather shoes, especially in deeper shades like chestnut or mahogany, can be incredibly stylish with a navy suit. The warmth of brown contrasts beautifully with the deep blue, making it suitable for semi-formal settings, daytime events, or even a smart-casual office look. Don’t forget, the shade of your belt should match your shoes!

For the bold at heart, consider suede shoes in shades like gray or tan. These can add a touch of modern flair to your navy ensemble. They’re ideal for less formal events where you still want to turn heads. And yes, suede belts do exist, and pairing one with your shoes is the cherry on top.

Shoes and Belt Guide for a Navy Blue Suit:

Shoe Color & MaterialBelt Color & MaterialOccasionAdditional Style Notes
Black LeatherBlack LeatherFormal Events, Business SettingsClassic and always in style
Deep Brown LeatherDeep Brown LeatherSemi-formal, Daytime EventsWarm and contrasting
Gray SuedeGray SuedeCasual Events, Trendy GatheringsModern and stylish
Tan SuedeTan SuedeSummer Events, Relaxed SettingsFresh and sophisticated

In the dance of dressing up, remember, it’s your shoes and belt leading the waltz. So, put your best foot forward and make every stride in your navy blue suit a statement.

Navy Blue Suit and Watch Combinations

A watch isn’t just about telling time; it’s an accessory that punctuates your style statement. Just like how a well-tailored navy blue suit speaks volumes about your fashion sense, the right watch can be the exclamation point! Ready to sync up your watch game with that stellar suit?

Classic silver or stainless steel watches are your failsafe companions with a navy suit. Their sleek appearance and neutral hue resonate with the professional aura of navy, making them perfect for business meetings or formal soirées. The metallic sheen offers just the right amount of bling without being overpowering.

navy blue suit and watch

Leather-strapped watches, especially in black or deep brown, are another stellar choice. They evoke a sense of tradition and elegance. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a watch with a simple face for a more understated look or one with intricate dials if you’re aiming to make a bolder statement.

For the modern man who isn’t afraid to push boundaries, consider watches with unique features or unconventional designs. Think skeleton watches, unconventional dial colors, or even smartwatches with bespoke leather straps. These choices shout contemporary and are perfect for casual events or when you’re feeling a tad avant-garde.

Watch Pairings for a Navy Blue Suit:

Watch Type & StrapOccasionAdditional Style Notes
Silver/Stainless SteelFormal Events, Corporate SettingsSleek and versatile
Black LeatherEvening Events, DinnersClassic and elegant
Deep Brown LeatherDaytime Events, Semi-formal GatheringsTraditional with a touch of warmth
Unique/Modern Designs (e.g., skeleton, smartwatches)Casual Events, Trendy SpotsContemporary and statement-making

When pairing your navy blue suit with a watch, remember that it’s not just about time; it’s about timeless style. So, strap on your favorite timepiece and let every tick resonate with sartorial excellence.

Using Patterns and Textures in Navy Blue Suit Combinations

While the navy blue suit is a classic staple in menswear, it doesn’t mean it can’t play well with patterns and textures. In fact, incorporating these elements can breathe new life into your ensemble, turning heads and sparking conversations. Ready to weave some texture and pattern into your navy suit game?

Let’s kick things off with patterns. Pinstripes are a traditional favorite, giving that quintessential Wall Street vibe. Paired with a navy base, they exude power and confidence. Houndstooth and windowpane checks, on the other hand, are a bit more relaxed, perfect for making a statement without being overly bold.

patterned shirts

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Moving on to textures, a navy suit in tweed or flannel can be a game-changer, especially in cooler months. These materials not only add depth to your look but also provide warmth. They bring a vintage charm, making them great for events where a touch of old-school elegance is desired.

Now, while playing with patterns and textures, remember to balance things out. If your suit is patterned, keep your shirt and tie on the simpler side. For textured suits, a crisp shirt with a subtle pattern can create an appealing contrast without overwhelming the eyes.

Navy Blue Suit Combinations: Patterns & Textures:

Pattern/TextureIdeal PairingOccasionAdditional Style Notes
PinstripesSolid light-colored shirtBusiness Meetings, Formal EventsExudes power and sophistication
Houndstooth/WindowpaneSolid or subtly patterned shirtSemi-formal Gatherings, Daytime EventsStatement-making yet not overpowering
Tweed TextureCrisp white or pastel shirtFall/Winter Events, Casual OutingsVintage charm and warmth
Flannel TexturePatterned tie (stripes or dots)Cooler Months, Evening OutCasual elegance with depth

When it comes to navy blue suits, patterns and textures are the secret sauce that takes it from staple to standout.

Style Tips for Perfecting Your Navy Blue Suit Combination

Thanks for reading this far. As a reward, here are 15 tips for wearing a navy blue suit in style.

  1. Shirt Selection: Opt for lighter shades like white, light blue, or pastel hues. They provide a clean canvas and make the navy pop.
  2. Tie Tactics: A burgundy, gold, or even a deep green tie can offer a delightful contrast. For a more unified look, go for a tie with navy elements or patterns.
  3. Footwear Fundamentals: Black or deep brown leather shoes are your safe bets. For a more relaxed look, consider tan or even white sneakers for a modern touch.
  4. Belt Basics: Ensure your belt matches the shade of your shoes. It’s a small detail, but one that polishes off your look.
  5. Pocket Square Pop: Don’t just match it with your tie; use it as an opportunity to introduce another complementary color or pattern.
  6. Accessorize with Intention: Cufflinks, tie bars, and watches shouldn’t just be afterthoughts. Make sure they harmonize with your overall look.
  7. Texture Temptations: Consider the season. Tweed or flannel suits for colder months add depth, while a lighter cotton or linen suit can be refreshing for summer.
  8. Pattern Play: If your suit has a pattern, balance it out with a solid or subtly patterned shirt. Conversely, a plain navy suit can handle a bolder shirt or tie pattern.
  9. Layering Logic: Consider a well-fitted waistcoat or vest for a three-piece twist. It not only adds a layer of sophistication but can also be a lifesaver for unexpected formal events.
  10. Tailoring is Top: No matter how perfect the combination, an ill-fitting suit can throw it all off. Invest in good tailoring to ensure your navy suit fits like a glove.
  11. Mind the Break: The “break” is where your pants meet your shoes. A slight or no break (where the pants just touch the top of the shoes) offers a modern, tailored appearance.
  12. Vary the Vibe: Change the feel of your suit with casual elements. Swap the dress shirt for a polo or a turtleneck, especially in cooler months.
  13. Socks with Spark: Your socks can be a hidden gem. Go for fun patterns or colors, especially if the rest of the outfit is more conservative.
  14. Double or Single-Breasted? Double-breasted suits have a more formal, vintage feel. Single-breasted suits are versatile and can easily transition between formal and casual.
  15. Mind the Details: Little touches, like the choice of lapel (notch vs. peak), can influence the vibe of your suit. Understand the nuances and choose based on the occasion and your personal style.

Remember, the navy blue suit is like a canvas, versatile and classic. These tips will help ensure that every brushstroke of your style is intentional and impeccable.

Can I wear a navy blue suit to a black-tie event?

While black-tie events traditionally call for black tuxedos, a well-tailored navy blue suit can often be an acceptable and stylish alternative, especially if accessorized correctly.

Can I wear a navy blue suit for a casual event?

Absolutely! Pair the suit with a casual shirt, polo, or even a t-shirt, and consider ditching the tie. Lighter footwear, like loafers or white sneakers, can also give it a relaxed feel.

Can I mix and match my navy blue suit jacket with different trousers?

Yes, a navy blue jacket is versatile. Pair it with khaki, gray, or even patterned trousers for a chic and varied look.

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