Nino Cerruti Suits

Nino Cerruti made his first collection in 1957 and has not looked back since. However, just because Nino did not have a collection out prior to this, doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved in the industry.

Cerruti was born into the industry via his father’s family business. This gave him a great ammount of experience and gave him the ability to take up study in philosophy before overtaking his family’s business.

His accolades include the hitman, nobility, turbo 180, and renaissance labels. Cerruti has revolutionized mens designer suits and even employed the famous Giorgio Armani.

These days you can find more than just menswear from the Cerruti empire. The line has expanded from mens clothing to womens clothing, watches, and even perfume.

Traditionally Nino Cerruit suits were known for their outlandish yet unique design work. He has gone anywhere from the slim fitting 3 piece suits to the bulkier double breasted look of a fine Italian suit.

Finely spun wool provides the backbone for most of the mens suit lineup. Cerruti always felt that a man should feel relaxed and comfortable while wearing their suit.

Colors have always ranged from traditional to absurd and this years lineup is no different. There is always a wide variety of suits to choose from.

Retail prices for these suits usually run more than $800 per suit. Look out for bargains on older models and you should make your purchase feeling good.

However, even used Nino Cerruti suits can go for well over a hundred dollars, so don’t plan on being stingy with your money. If you want quality, you’re going to have to pay.

NC is a timeless classic and deserves to be recognized as an icon. Look for this designer to be around for centuries to come.

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