Oscar De La Renta Suits

Oscar De La Renta Suits are synonymous with comfort and luxury. There have even been claims that they have had more of their suits out on the red carpet than any other designer.

This however, could be a result of all the women’s wear they also make rather than just their men’s suits.

Window Panes, solids, and pinstripes are all options for this diverse lineup each year. Double breasted models, two buttons, and three buttons are also not out of the question.

Finely spun virgin wool, worsted wool, and cashmere all add to the luxury feel of this designer. Don’t plan on buying anything that isn’t fully lined.

Colors range but the suits tend to look better in the more conservative colors. Look for a nice charcoal gray or navy blue pinstripe to add to your collection.

This is also a nice company to get a tasteful olive suit from. You’ll be able to find them in wools that are thick enough for year round wear.

Oscar De La Renta Suits Example

oscar de la renta suits

This is a picture of a two button tan suit made by Oscar De La Renta. As you can see it has a traditional look and the cuts will not go out of style any time soon.

Price points usually stall before $1,000.00 making this a great price for a luxury suit.

In recent years it seems that these suits have gotten much less expensive and you can find them in places like Sierra Trading Post and Men’s Wearhouse.

A brother of mine will only by suits from Oscar De La Renta because he says they last much longer than other suits in the same price range.

The constant suit wearer should consider this lineup for its quality materials and longevity of wear. It would take a man a long time to wear these models thread bare.

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