Oxford Suits

Oxford suits are not the highly sought after Oxford shirts, but they do exude quality. This garment has been worn for quite some time, and has successfully established a pattern of excellence.

In the past, Oxford made suits in the “Ivy League” style and although this style has become pretty mainstream, they have continued to make models in this style.

The style of this suit is conservative and the emphasis is more on hand stitching and craftsmanship rather than trend following. Men looking for something formal to wear to a wedding are usually very pleased with this particular style. You’ll also find that it makes a respectable suit to be worn to the office.

Oxford suits entail more hand tailoring than most other American made suits

Materials for the suit range. You can find poplin, cotton, and wool models.

Blue, black, gray, brown, and even khaki models are all created in each lineup.

Prices range and will vary depending on which fabric and style you decide to go with. Don’t pay more than a few hundred for this suit as you can probably find something better at that price.

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