Paul Smith Suits

Mens Paul Smith suits have a unique formal yet authoritative look to them. These are perfect for people that want to wear suits with a “tuxedo feel” to them. This is a great suit for those looking to wear something out on the town.

Paul Smith Suits Style

This suit offers heavy attention to detail with hidden pockets and ample buttons. Pinstripes tend to be larger than usual but not obnoxiously so.

Depending on what model you get, you’ll find that the suits can be fused, half canvassed or canvassed.


Expect fine Italian wool with a full lining inside the jacket. Pants can be lined down to the knees but not always so make sure you ask.


This company doesn’t make any colors that are overly outlandish but they do have enough variation to keep things interesting. Some of the pinstripe versions have large disparity between the stripes and the color of main color of the jacket.


The retail price for a ready to wear model should run you somewhere between five hundred and one thousand dollars.


A great suit for formal occasions and anyplace else you find yourself with the need to look elegant.

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