Perry Ellis Suits

Perry Ellis suits have become an international sensation. You can find this designers suits all over the world.

This collection was created in 1980 and is still continuing to grow. Look for more than 130 retailers selling this brand this upcoming year.

The company describes its style as modern with “a twist”. Look for more streamlined models without all the classic shoulder padding and extensive inner linings.

Cotton, linen, and wool make up the bulk of all fabrics in these lineups. Look into getting these models for your low cost summer suits.

Colors feature traditional and classic blues, grays, and blacks. The more trendy purchaser will also find a nice selection of whites, tans, and khakis.

While these suits won’t go into the Sartorial hall of fame, they really aren’t meant to. These suits are meant to meet the needs of people looking for low cost, yet stylish suits to wear.

Perry Ellis suits are especially good for young college students on a budget that want to buy new without waiting for a sale from one of the higher quality designers.

Prices are usually less than two hundred dollars, making these suits very affordable for the average man.

The Perry Ellis website seems to be selling mostly jackets right now, but you can find their suits at places like Menswearhouse and other big suit retailers.

This designer provides a great way for people to buy spring and summer suits to complement their wardrobes on a budget.

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