Prada Suits

Prada suits are not nearly as popular as their lineup of women’s shoes but they do make waves. Judging by their fashion shows they seem to be targeting slim men at every angle.


Originating in 1913, this designer specialized in leather goods for many years before moving onto clothing. However, now that they are selling clothing, they are doing it well and across many markets.

You’ll find that they have a wide range of clothing for both men and women.


The designs are meant mostly for the fashionable type that likes to wear their suit more as a statement than a work uniform. Look for streamlined designs with unique almost erratic cuts.

I’d say to stay away from Prada suits when buying a work wardrobe, but this really depends on what industry you plan on working in. For instance, a person working at an art gallery or something similar, might find that this suit’s style fits their industry perfectly.

This being said, accountants, lawyers, and politicians might want to go with a Jos A Bank suit or something else more traditional.


Look for cotton, wool, tweed, and seersucker suits. You’ll even find many poplin suits to choose from as well. This means you won’t have to look hard to find a luxurious material to wear.


Colors move with the trends and if you are willing to look through several years of models you should be able to find any shade you want.


If you do decide to make a statement be prepared to pay for it. These suits are not cheap and are made up of some of the finest materials. You will however, find an immense amount of comfort can be drawn out of these garments so the price might just be worth it.


Look for Prada to be a strong contender in this years fashion shows.

Robert Phillips

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