Pronto Uomo Suits

Pronto Uomo is one of the higher end models recently picked up at many local discount suit stores. (2008)

These suits have now been sold at places like Men’s Wearhouse for over three or four years and have continued to sell well. They have a few different price points and offer both lower and higher end models of their suits.

While this suit may have only been selling at the Men’s Wearhouse for only a few years, it has been selling for much longer than that and it known to be a decent Italian suit.

In fact, Charlie Sheen has been said to have worn it to his wedding with Brooke Mueller. He said that he liked the suit and that a tuxedo is just too hot to get married in.

Click here for a link to the article. You’ll also find a picture of Charlie wearing the suit as well.

Pronto Uomo Suits Style

This line is known for both flashy Italian style suits and the more conservative British styles. Now that the brand is sold by the big box stores, you’ll find that their is a wide variety of styles and models for you to choose from.


Look for materials of fine wool or cashmere and nothing else with this lineup. Full lining is a given but you will have your choice between pleated or flat front pants to wrap around it.


Buy Pronto Uomo suits in beige, black, gray, or whatever color you like.


Suits are the staple of their business and retail at about $300.00 to $500.00, but you can also find some nice blazers and maybe even a decent tie or two.

While these suits aren’t incredibly expensive, they aren’t budget buys either. If you’re just looking for something cheap to wear, you might want to go with a lesser known suit without the high quality materials used in these.

However, if you’re searching for a suit with nice materials and great durability, Pronto Uomo suits might be what you want to buy


This designer is a powerful contender with more than just a fancy foreign name. Their market share will grow over the next few years and I’d expect them to come out with even more models to choose from in the near future.

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