Russell Simmons Suits

Although Russell Simmons suits are just one small part of RS’s large empire, you can find them selling all over town.

Simmons has had a very interesting and profitable career and while his suits will never be as unique as him, they are interesting in their own right. These suits started the urban suit bonanza and are currently number one in their class.

You can read more about Russell Simmons on PBS’s website.


These suits provide raw and gritty urban cuts with aggressive jacket styles and immense amounts of buttons. The urban look is apparent on many of his models, but downplayed enough that they could be appropriate for high powered office situations in large cities.

The Argyle culture and American Classics by Russell Simmons are the two large brands created by Russell Simmons.

Argyle Culture lines were introduced to Macy’s stores in 2010 and are now available to virtually anybody that wants one. If you don’t live near a Macy’s, you can always check them out in their online store.


Linen suits and wool suits provide nice diversity for the wearer. Look into lighter materials for an all around good feel.


Colors are diverse with many models to back up each color choice. Lighter colors seem to be more prevalent than darker shades. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of lighter colored suits with windowpane patterns on them.


Price points are low and can start at under $200. The reason for this is most likely due to the wide range of sellers competing for your business.


Men looking for the birthplace of the urban suit should look into Russell Simmons suits. Buy this as a nice suit to wear out on the town and you shouldn’t have any complaints.

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