Saint Andrews Suits

Saint Andrews suits are fantastic garment makers rivaling the big names like Hickey Freeman, Oxford, and Isaia. Look for these suits online or through small brick and mortar retailers.

Saint Andrews Suits Style

Style comes in the form of excellent cuts and hand stitches. Look to find well rounded shoulders and unique besom pockets. Two and three button models are available as well as double breasted designs.


Material is of high quality super 140’s and above. Full canvassed models are available with pants lined all the way down to the knees. This suit has an unquestionable luxury feel to it.

You’ll also notice that their are plenty of cashmere blends that you can buy as well as the all wool models on offer.


Colors come in nice shades of lively colors as well as traditional dreary yet classic coloring. Mix things up with windowpane and pinstripe designs.

Recently I’ve seen lots of plaid models that many traditionalists feel look good. Personally I think plaid suits are ugly and outdated, but you may feel otherwise when you see them.


Prices run around $1,000 which is a nice value for the quality stitching and material.


Men looking for a nice luxury suit at a reasonable price will find this designers creations more than satisfactory. While they might not have the marketing skills of some of the other high priced brands, they certainly have the tailoring skills and the fabrics of one.

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