Samuelsohn Suits Reviews

Samuelsohn suits have been around since 1923 and were started by Lesser Samuelsohn. Throughout the years they have been making suits the old fashioned hand tailored way and continue to do so today.

They are made in Montreal, Canada from a wide array of luxury fabrics.

Samuelsohn Suits Style

Two and three button classics combined with traditional tailoring make this suit more unique than most luxury models in its class. Look for pleated and double pleated pants with full canvas jackets.


Super 150’s wool is not an uncommon material on any of its models. Look for extreme comfort and a luxury feel that is unmatched by most competitors.

You’ll also find they use cashmeres, cottons, and even silks in some of their suit models.


Colors are mostly regal and elegant. Unique pinstripe, plaid, and windowpane designs are used to augment style in an interesting way.


Expect retail to be somewhere around $800 to $2,000. Look around and you should be able to get most models at discounts of up to several hundred dollars.


These suits can be found all throughout Canada and the United States. You’ll find them in stores like Neiman Marcus as well as many lesser known locally owned stores.


Men of every age should classify this suit as a luxury model. This suit could be worn to work as well as to formal events like weddings, funerals, and office parties.

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