Savile Row Suits

Savile Row suits are spawned in London. They have a great selection of elegantly crafted suits, shirts, jackets, and slacks and have been selling garments since 1938.

While you may notice that they frequently have great deals on their shirts, they also have very reasonably priced suits as well.

You’ll find a variety of styles to choose from including: two button, three button, single vented, double vented, and vent less.

These suits are known for their nice drape and fit. They also have Colombian stitching and Cupro lining.

If you’re in England, you can visit the Savile Row Company at 40 Savile Row. There you can get finely tailored made to measure suits.

American shoppers, as well as shoppers in the thirty other countries that Savile Row suits are sold in, can buy their suits online and get them shipped from England at no cost to them.

Military veterans can even get a steep discount on many items sold by the Savile Row Co.

Materials used are mid range quality wool which provide a nice feel while still keeping costs down to a minimum.

Colors are usually subtle in the English style of blacks, grays, and somber blues. However, you should find a summer shade or two in light gray (grey if you’re outside the US).

Prices can differ between make and model but look to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred dollars for a new model. Considering the wools used in the creation of the suit as well as the pick stitching done on many of their models, this isn’t a bad price to pay.

Men looking for a more refined look with a classic style should go ahead and try one of these suits out.

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