Sean John Suit

I personally liked him better when he was a rapper but the Sean John suit does have a nice look to it. He’s lucky he changed his name though because I don’t think too many people would wanna wear the “puffy suit”.

If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you know just how bad the sales of “puffy shirt” went for Kramer’s friend. For those of you that don’t remember the episode, here is a funny puffy shirt remix on Youtube.

Getting back to suits made by Sean John.


Diddy’s lineup launched in 1998 and has continued to expand with each and every year. The men’s wear lineup includes suits for both men and boys.

Sean John Suit Style

Looking at these suit you’ll notice that he has managed to incorporate a more urban look into his clothing line. These are great suits to wear while walking around the streets of New York City.


You can find all the materials you’d find in any of today’s fashion forward lineups. Obvious fabric choices like wool and wool/polyester mixes shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Look for a white suit and you won’t be disappointed. However, you can also find a multitude of more traditional colors to wear.


Prices have come all the way down into the three to four hundred dollar range and you can find these suits all over the place.


This suit has a nice gritty look with an urban feel and a decent cut and might be a good suit for the younger gentleman looking to wear a more aggressive looking suit.

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