Southwick Suits

Southwick suits have been around since 1929 and are prime examples of the modern day luxury suit. These suits were first created by two Italian American brothers that immigrated to the United States in the early 1900’s.

This company makes traditional looking suits with naturally sloping shoulders. They use fine wool fabrics that are said to be a joy to wear. Wear these to formal occasions and the office for maximum daytime comfort.

The Southwick lineup typically consists of 2 and 3 button styles with elegant single venting systems. Look for pleats and double pleats with linings down to the knees. Window pane designs are seen more often than solids and pinstripes, but all three are fairly easy to find.

Both the Dorset and Bailey models are made out of fine super 120’s worsted wool. This material provides the wearer with all the comfort they can expect from a high quality suit.

Colors of typical Southwick suits are conservative but somewhat liberal on shading. For instance the gray suits are much more bright than the usual charcoals we find from conservative designers.

Expect to pay around $600.00 for a complete suit with a small decrease in price for their suit separate models.

This designer is highly overlooked due to marketing rather than craftsmanship. While suit fashionistas easily recognize the name, most of the genral public will not.

If you’re looking for a well made and comfortable suit to wear to the office, this might be a good brand for you to try.

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