Steve Harvey Suits

Steve Harvey suits are based off of the comedian and his natural flare and lust for life. You won’t find any other comedian with a more fashionable men’s clothing lineup.

In fact, you won’t find too many other comedians with a men’s suit lineup.


These suits are as unique as the man himself. The cuts of this designers creations make them viable for both church and a more progressive office. Take notice of some of the almost absurdly large lapels and clever slimming swatches.

When wearing his suits you can always slap on his ties, shoes, hats, and jewelry to completely accent the style.


Materials are mostly linen and wool which are both quite comfortable. If you’re still a little confused on the difference then check out my section on suit fabrics.

On the suit fabrics page, I go over all the different suit materials that go into making men’s suits.


You’ll find Steve Harvey suits in brown, black, gray, and almost any other color you can think about. Some of the colors are conservative, but most of them are unique to this designer.


Burlington and many other local stores carry this line at reasonable prices, but if you’re looking for an even better bargain, you can always check out some of the online vendors.


These suits are great for the man looking for a unique and truly different suit style. Wear this suit to the club or your next party, but don’t wear it into the boardroom or down on Wall Street.

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