Tallia Suits

Tallia suits are mid range suits in a variety of classic Italian styles. The designer has a history for making multiple lines to capture multiple facets of the market.


Great versatility is demonstrated among a multitude of models. Currently you will find the Stressa, Santino, Serra, San Paolo, and San Remo styles.(2008) These models cover two and three button jackets along with pleated, double pleated, and flat front pants.


Look for high quality super 100’s and 120’s. Worsted wool is used for summer models with heavier wools for winter suits. You’ll also find many of their more expensive models add cashmere to their mix.

As far as I know, all of these suits are fused and you won’t find any canvassed or half canvassed suits in this lineup. However, the drape looks nice and I haven’t heard anybody complain about bunching.


These suits are typically found in more traditional colors and while you’ll find a wide range of cuts, you won’t find too many color variations. This being said, the more trendy fashion acolyte will find some Tallia Uomo suits in more robust color variations.


Look to start around $500 for a lower priced model and end at around $1,000. The large difference in materials is usually the reason for the large ranges in price.

Since I first wrote this page, the prices seem to have come down. I don’t know whether this is a result of their increased distribution, the recession, or a production of lower quality models added to their mix.

Do a quick Google shopping search for Tallia suits and you’ll be able to find a few brand new models at prices in the three hundred dollar range. Of course you’ll also find a wide range of suits in and around seven hundred dollars as well.


This is a great line to choose if you plan on staying loyal to one brand. The versatility in models will allow you to continue to upgrade at the same pace as your paycheck.

Also, the cuts and colors are traditional enough that they won’t go out of style each time a trend changes.

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