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Tayion Suits


Tayion suits are part of Montee Tayion Holland’s, Tayion collection of fine men’s formal wear. This collection was created to provide the missing flare that many “modern” suit styles lack. It seems that this designer has recognized the fact that suits have not changed much since their creation, and is doing something about it.


The style of this suit brand could be classified as “Hollywood” in nature. Meaning that it is created more for its unique look rather than its traditional business functionality. You will find many two and three piece models in unique cuts that are anything but conventional. A wide array of pockets are also commonly used in each suit design.

You’ll find interesting details on most Tayion suits like built in belts, watch pockets, and a wide array of other interesting add-ons that you wouldn’t see on a typical ready to wear or even made to measure suit.


Materials vary by model, but you will find many new non-traditional materials to choose from. For instance some of the inner linings are made from materials such as Bemberg and Viscose rather than your traditional nylon, silk, or cashmere.


Colors can be found in many shades that you will not find anywhere else. You will see such colors as cognac and mint, as well as the more standard colors like charcoal gray, black, and navy blue.


The price tag does not remain standard between suit models but you can expect MSRP prices to start out at around $500 and go all the way up to $3,000. Check out links at the top of this page and you should find some significant discounts.


Men looking for something new to wear should check out this suit brand. However, for a more traditional look you may want to go with a more traditional brand.

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