Ted Baker Suits

Ted Baker suits are a result of the company launching in 1987 as a menswear line. This designer started in Glasgow and has continued to expand all over the UK and the world wide web.

The company also has stores in the United States, Hong Kong, and parts of the middle east.

Interestingly enough, the company actually provided a laundry service at its first stores. They did free shirt cleaning for anybody that bought a shirt from them. This gave them quick media attention and helped them get labeled as a unique and interesting company.

Ted Baker Suits Style

The primary models for this lineup are: Kilnsy, Tinier, Topspin, mk3, Helical, and Lewno. (2008) Within these brands you will find both winter and summer suits cut in unique styles. The designer prides himself on his attention to detail and ability to add creativity to his creations.


Materials for summer suits are worsted wools and cottons, while winter suits are generally 100% wool models.

Ted Baker suits are generally fused suits and you won’t find many, if any suits from Ted Baker that are fully canvassed.


Colors are mostly traditional with darker shades for gloomy winter months and lighter shades for the vibrant months of summer. Keep in mind that this is a UK company and folks in the UK tend to wear more conservative colors than the rest of the world.

This isn’t a bad thing as I personally like to wear dark colors as well, just something to keep in mind.


Prices move within the $400 to $600 range. However, if you attempt to buy from a place like Nordstrom at full price, you’re going to be paying upwards of eight or nine hundred dollars.


Men looking for a traditional British style suit with a little more flare and creativity will be very pleased with this suit.

In relation to its quality, the price is fair and you won’t have to worry about the suit falling apart or going out of style any time soon.

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