Tom Ford Suits

Tom Ford Suits may not be as popular as his sunglasses but they make it up with their price points. Traditionally the designer has sold his suits through middlemen. Recently he has created a 5 million dollar storefront with mixed reactions.

Some people have written rave reviews of the store, while others have written lackluster ones. Either way, you’ll get a good suit if you go there.

This designer has made suits for the most recent James Bond star and as always, he looked great in them.

Tom Ford Suits Style

Never an understated designer, this man makes his clothing with flare. Look at the wide lapels and carefully crafted vests and you will see a large disparity between his models and the standard designer suit.


Silk, wool, and cashmere add a nice feel to both the inside and outside of these suits. Never a model without full lining for maximum comfort and luxury.

You’re going to find suits that are glued together. These suits will be canvassed and they will drape very naturally.


Look for any color you like. Gray, black, navy blue, khaki, tan, or even red can be found with ease.


Expect to pay somewhere between $3,500 and $5,000. You won’t find too many off the rack suits at this price.


These suit are great for the person that likes to talk about how much they spent on their clothing. This being said, the suits are made very well and they should cost more than your average run of the mill suit.

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