Trussardi Suits

Trussardi suits are Italian made suits comparable to Rossetti in price and marketing power. The company itself has a wide line up and seems to constantly want to expand.

While this gives them a wide net to capture customers with, it does seem to dilute their focus.

For instance, when a person hears the name Jos A Bank, they tend to immediately think of suits. However, when you hear the name Trussardi, you might think of a wide variety of different items.

In fact, this company actually started out making gloves in 1910 and remained focused on that until 1970.

Trussardi Suits Style

These suits are more traditional and formal in nature than some of their counterparts. Look for three button suits in classic British styles.


Materials for this suit are mid range fabrics with wool shells and rayon inner linings. These fabrics are well designed for year round use.


Colors are usually contemporary and dark. Pinstripes are often used to both liven the suit up stylishly and to add a bit of authority to the wearer.


Prices retail between $1,000 – $2,000. These prices are generally inflated to about 5 times what you will pay for them. Plan on spending between $250 and $500.


Men looking for a nice work suit might want to check out this suit for its year round use, durability, and low price.


Recently I’ve noticed that it is hard to find a new suit made by Trussardi. When doing an online shopping search, the only results that come back are used suits.

I’m not sure whether this means that they are no longer making new suits or whether they are simply neglecting to sell online. If anybody knows the answer to this, feel free to email me and I’ll update this page.

2016 Update – It looks like Trussardi suits are still going strong and you can find their suits all over the company’s website.  I’ll walk you through an example below.

Trussardi Suits Example

This is a gray Trussardi suit with a classic cut.  It has two buttons, three outside pockets, and dual vents in the jacket.  The pants are mid rise with a flat front.

Trussardi SuitsAt first glance, this suit seems like a suit you might find anywhere.

However, if you check the materials used, you’ll find that the suit is comprised of 74% cotton, 24% wool, and 2% spandex.

While it isn’t unusual for modern day suits to add a small amount of spandex to ward off wrinkles, you don’t see too many cotton, wool, and spandex blends like this.

Without seeing it in action, I can’t attest to this suit’s wrinkle fighting abilities, but it sure sounds like it would be comfortable!

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