Ungaro Suit

The Ungaro suit was first spawned when Emanuel Ungaro decided to expand to a menswear collection in 1973.

Thirty five years later the company has expanded even further and now has a full lineup in both the men’s and women’s lineups.

The Brand

The Emanuel Ungaro fashion house was started over eighty years ago by Emanuel Ungaro.  According to Emanuel, his father was a tailor who actually gave him his first sewing machine when he was still very young.

Ungaro became extremely proficient with it and went on to design all sorts of new fashions.  He is retired now, but his fashion line is still thriving.  While they may be based out of Paris, you’ll find Ungaro suits available throughout the world.  If you can read French, check out their bio on Facebook for more information about the brand.

Style Overview

Styles range from boring to wild and can be found in both three and two button suit jacket models.

This suit comes in pleated and flat front trouser models with both flap and slit pockets.

Materials And Colors

Wool outers with nylon inners are common for this type of suit. Also look for cottons and linens for lighter summer and spring feels.

The suits are fused rather than canvassed and you shouldn’t plan on getting a hand stitched suit.  However, these suits really aren’t priced high enough for you to expect pick stiching and canvassed jackets.

Traditional colors with thick pinstripes seem to be the trend this year (2009). Also be on the lookout for solids and windowpanes for your particular needs.


Retail prices start at around $500 at most places. Look to pay about half of that online.

2011 update

Like many other suit companies, this suit seems to have come down a lot in price. I’m seeing them right now for less than two hundred dollars a piece.

This company has a nice style to them and their modern looking business suits are great for wearing to the office. If you see one of these suits that you like, go ahead and give it a try.

Ungaro Suit Example

ungaro suitHere is an example of an Ungaro suit from their Spring lineup.

This example was put up December 4th, 2016 and is part of Ungaro’s upcoming Spring 2017 Ungaro suit lineup.

You’ll notice that the suit looks modern and well-designed, but certainly not out of line with a typical suit design.

The suit is a blue two button suit with flat-front trousers.

While Americans may think that the suit legs are tailored a bit too high, this is typical in many European countries and would not look out of the ordinary over in Europe.


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