Valentini Suits

Valentini Suits are high quality Italian suits created by a family owned and operated business. The company combines new technology with old fashion styling to provide suits that are both innovative and stylish.


There are several models to choose from including: the carlton, angel, and multiple lineups in differing quality wools. These models use pleated and double pleated pants with various styles of jackets.


Materials range from Super 110s wool to Super 150s. One unique quality is the use of wrinkle free materials for their travel lineup. The travel suit is great for the business man who constantly shoves his suit in a garment bag.

Some Valentini suits do have pick stitching, but I’m not sure whether or not it is hand pick stitching or machine pick stitching.

The more expensive models are fully canvassed and fully lined. You’ll have to pay extra for these models, but it is a nice option to have. Not all suit manufacturers even offer fully canvassed suits these days.


Colors go from light to dark with a wide array of variations in between. Look to find lighter colors in lighter worsted wools for spring and summertime use.


The price of these suits ranges dramatically based off of what model you decide to go with. More expensive models feature pick stitching and superior fabrics while the lower priced ones don’t.


This brand is highly overlooked and should be priced out much higher than it is. Both luxury suit purchasers and career business men should consider the possibilities of this suit.

2016 Update – If you’re in the market for this suit, you may be out of luck.  The only place I can find that still sells Valentini suits is Ebay.  This being said, if you find one on Ebay, you’ll probably get a really great price on it.

Valentini Suits Example

valentini suitsThis is an example of a modern Valentini suit.  It is a standard two button suit with a single vent in the back.

The suit jacket adds a bit of style through the use of a ticket pocket on the right hand side.

Other than the ticket pocket, the suit is cut in a traditional manner and has a fairly conservative look.

It has a wide set of pinstripes and although it may be hard to tell from the picture, the pants are pleated.

Although most business professionals will opt for a suit without a ticket pocket to wear to work, most offices would find this suit perfectly acceptable.


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