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Van Heusen Suits

Van Heusen suits are American style department store classics.

Traditionally the main places you would find these suits were: Macy’s, JC Pennys, and Boscovs. These days the company is expanding worldwide and you can find them in countries as far away from the United States as Australia.

The Company

The Van Heusen line of clothing dates all the way back to 1881, when it was founded by a family living in my home state of Pennsylvania.  They started out selling hand-sewn shirts and thirty years later were filing a patent for fusing cloth on a curve.

The company has greatly expanded it’s operations over the years, but unlike many other suit brands, it has decided to ensure that it’s clothing is created in an ethical manner.  To meet this end, they are highly involved with the International Human Rights Movement.

Van Heusen Suits Style

Styles consist of both classic and trendy cuts with nothing too stodgy or absurd.  Look to wear this to the office or your next formal occasion.


Medium quality wool is the fabric of choice which makes this suit great for work but leaves the luxury suit wearer a little disappointed.

As you may have guessed when I told you that the Van Heusen company patented a version of fusing suits, canvassing and machine stitching is not something you are going to find on a Van Heusen suit.


Colors do not vary to any great extent. Look for classic blues, black, grays, and khakis.

Solids and pinstripes dominate new models but you should be able to find some older models for your windowpane and plaid fantasies.


Retail prices can run you anywhere from $300 to $600 so keep your eye open for discounts throughout the year.

2011 Update

It seems that most stores are mostly selling this suit as suit separates. These suit separates are selling for less than a hundred dollars.


Van Huesen suits are great economical suits to wear to the office. Also, when you buy this suit, you know that you’re money is going to an ethical clothing manufacturer and that nobody was exploited to make the clothing you’re wearing.

Van Heusen Suits Example

van heusen suitsThis suit is exactly what the average Van Heusen suit tends to look like.

It is a blue two button suit with dual vents on the back.

This is their slim fitting suit model, but as you can see it isn’t nearly as dramatic as a slim fit suit made by companies like Versace.

Suits like this are currently (2016) selling for less than $150.00 at retailers like Kohls and JC Penny.



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