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Versace Suit

The Versace suit is rapped about, sung about, and talked about all over. This is because although the runway models can be a little creepy, the designs are interesting and the clothing line is known for having high dollar price tags on them.


This line has been out since the late 1970’s and due to heavy marketing, has more sex appeal than many of the other brands out there. The suit can be purchased in places like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and a multitude of other places.

Versace Suit Style

The cut of the Versace suit gives the wearer the appearance of a care free on top of the world attitude. Mr. Gianni Versace really new what he was doing when he decided to make a name for himself.

If you’re into the European style class of an Italian made suit you should check out the rest of the designer suit section.


Look for light materials of worsted wool, linen, and cotton. You’ll also find many traditional wool suits in the Versace lineup.

Versace makes suits that are canvassed and they make suits that are fused. If you think you are getting a suit made by Versace for a great price, it is probably one of their fused suits.


Versatility in coloring is popular in each seasons lineup. Look for lighter shades in the summer and darker shades in the winter.


This suit’s prices can range dramatically. You’ll be able to find suits in the six hundred dollar range and suits that are upwards of two and even three thousand dollars.

Just be sure you know what kind of quality you are getting before you make your purchase.


This designer has quickly made a name for himself with high quality and interesting styling. Look into this type of suit for a “designer” kind of look.

Versace Suit Example

versace suitHere is an example of a more traditional Versace suit.

Notice that this suit is more of a slim fitting suit.

The legs have a noticeable taper while the waist has been taken in to hug the model’s waist line.

This suit also has a bit of extra padding at the shoulders.  The designer may have added this to compensate for the fact that anyone wearing this particular suit probably has a very slight built.

The addition of the shoulder padding helps add some symmetry to the person wearing the suit.


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