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Versini Suits

Versini suits can be found at Men’s Wearhouse retail stores and through online outlets. This suit has a modern look to it and is more streamlined than your average contemporary style suit.

Three button, two piece suits make up the vast majority of this designer’s line up.

Material is usually made up of lower quality wool. This material isn’t considered luxury but it does achieve an acceptable level of comfort.

The suit is machine stitched and is fused rather than fully canvassed. This being said, the suit isn’t going to bunch up at the chest like an older fused suit would.

Fusing technology has gotten really good and most people can buy fused suits without any problems. The durability of this suit is also great for the price.

Colors vary from model to model but can always be found in the more traditional colors like black, charcoal gray, and blue.


Prices are as low as $100.00 to $200.00 which makes this suit a great bargain.

2011 Update – Versini suits seem to have gone up in price and are now selling at around three hundred dollars. This being said, you can still find them on sale from time to time for a hundred dollars.

2016 Update – This suit doesn’t seem to be in production anymore, but you can still find used models.


Men looking for some decent styling for a rock bottom price should look into this model for their next purchase. While hard core suit enthusiasts will probably look down on you, the great majority of people will just see a guy in a nice looking suit.

Versini Suits Example

versini suitsThis suit is a good example of a Versini suit.  It is a gray, two button suit with flat front pants.

When i was first starting out in the business world, I bought two Versini suits that looked just like this one.

One of the suits was gray and one was black and while they didn’t stand out as great suits, they did get the job done.

Based off the Versini suits that I owned, I’d say that this suit jacked most likely has a single vent in the back and the pants have probably been left un-cuffed.

I’d expect this suit would have retailed for around $300, but would have likely only sold for $150.

If I were shopping for a second hand version of this suit in good condition, I wouldn’t want to pay more than $25 for it.



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