What Color Suit to Wear to a Wedding – Your Best Options

Need to know what color suit to wear to a wedding? We’ve all been there. Picking the right suit isn’t just about looking dapper; it’s about fitting the mood, the venue, and yes, those ever-so-confusing dress codes. If you’re nodding in agreement, wondering what to wear to the next wedding bash, you’re in for a treat with this guide. We’ll break down the do’s, don’ts, and must-tries to make sure you step in looking like a million bucks!

One thought to keep in mind is that dressing for a wedding isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Factors like the time of day, the season, the venue, and even the specified dress code play critical roles in determining the perfect suit color. Let’s take a look at each of these factors in detail for you.

what color suit to wear to a wedding

What’s the Dress Code?

Dress codes at weddings aren’t just fancy words; they’re your guide to looking on-point. “Black tie” on the invite? This screams elegance. You’ll want to stick to those tried-and-true classics: black or deep navy. It’s all about sophistication here. For “semi-formal” or “cocktail,” you’ve got a bit more wiggle room. Charcoal, medium blues, or even a rich maroon can totally work.

Headed to a beach or garden wedding with a “casual” code? Think breezy and relaxed. Lighter shades like beige, tan, or a soft gray are perfect. They scream “I’m chill, but still dapper.”

But remember, while dress codes are a solid starting point, don’t forget to inject a bit of your personal flair! After all, it’s a party, and you wanna feel like you while celebrating!

Wearing a Black Suit to a Wedding

Thinking about donning a black suit for the big wedding bash? Smart move! Black is that trusty wingman—timeless, always sharp, and never out of place at evening events. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of suits.

Now, the “when” part is crucial. Evening weddings are your best bet for black. Daytime or outdoor ceremonies might make it seem a tad overkill. So, if it’s a sunset vow exchange or a ballroom reception, you’re in the clear.

black wedding suit

The “how” is where the fun starts. Pair that suit with a crisp white shirt for a no-fail classic look. Wanna jazz it up? Try a patterned tie or a bold pocket square for that extra pop. And don’t forget those polished black shoes!

All in all, if you’re looking for a safe yet stylish choice, black’s got your back. Just match it to the wedding vibe and let your personal flair shine through!

See my post on black suit color combinations for exact details on what to wear with your black suit.

Wearing a Charcoal Suit to a Wedding

Dipping your toes into the charcoal suit territory for a wedding? Nice! Charcoal is that middle ground—dressier than light gray but less formal than jet black. It’s like that versatile playlist that works for both dinner parties and road trips.

Timing wise, charcoal’s got flexibility. It’s perfectly suited (pun intended) for daytime weddings and can smoothly transition to evening events. Outdoor ceremony in a garden or an upscale city wedding? Charcoal’s your guy.

charcoal wedding suit

For the “how-to” style it, team up your charcoal suit with a pale blue or lavender shirt for a fresh vibe. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a patterned tie or a pocket square in a complementary color. Shoe-wise, black or dark brown leather will keep you looking sharp from head to toe.

In a nutshell, a charcoal suit is the universal remote of the wedding wardrobe—adaptable, stylish, and always on point. Rock it right, and you’ll be getting compliments all night long!

Wearing a Navy Blue Suit to a Wedding

Thinking of stepping out in a navy blue suit for the next wedding gig? Brilliant! Navy blue is that cool cousin in the suit family: always stylish, universally flattering, and a tad more lively than your go-to black.

When’s the best time to flaunt navy? Honestly, almost anytime! It’s got daytime charm for those garden ceremonies and enough gravitas for the evening soirées. Whether it’s a beach wedding at sunset or a swanky hotel reception, navy fits right in.

navy blue wedding suit

On the “how” front, navy’s a dream to accessorize. Pair it with a crisp white shirt for a timeless combo, or if you’re feeling a tad bold, maybe a pastel pink or green. A patterned tie or a fun pocket square can give it that extra oomph. And for shoes? Brown leather or even suede can be a stylish match.

In essence, a navy suit is like the ultimate wedding plus-one: charming, versatile, and never out of place. Suit up and watch the heads turn!

See my post on navy blue suit color combinations to see what to wear with your navy blue suit.

Wearing a Light Gray Suit to a Wedding

Considering a light gray suit for an upcoming wedding? Great choice! Light gray brings a fresh and modern touch, making it just the ticket for those daytime events.

Picture this: wearing your light gray suit to an outdoor garden ceremony, on a sunlit beach, or even a charming countryside setting. It’s versatile, and while it might not be your go-to for a super formal evening event, it shines brightly in most other settings.

light gray wedding suit

Styling-wise, light gray is like a friendly canvas. It goes beautifully with soft pastel shirts, especially those dreamy blues or subtle lavenders. And if you’re up for a dash of fun, how about a standout tie or a lively pocket square? As for shoes, you’re in luck—both brown and black work wonders with light gray.

All in all, light gray is your stylish yet friendly companion, ensuring you strike the right note of elegance and warmth at any daytime wedding.

Wearing Beiges and Cream Colored Suits to a Wedding

Thinking about stepping out in beige or summer creams for a wedding? You’re on to something! These colors scream relaxed elegance and are perfect for adding a light, airy touch to your look.

So, when should you pull out these hues? Sunny daytime weddings are your best bet. Be it a beachside “I do,” a garden celebration, or even a laid-back vineyard setting, these shades capture the essence of summer like no other. Evening affair? Maybe stick to darker tones, but for a day event, it’s all systems go!

beige wedding suit

For the styling part: beige and creams pair wonderfully with whites, light blues, and even soft pastels. Considering accessories? A pop of color with your tie or pocket square can be a fun contrast. And shoes? Tan or brown loafers or brogues keep the look crisp and summery.

To wrap it up, beige and summer creams are your passport to effortless style at any sun-kissed wedding. Slip into them and exude that sunny vibe, all while looking sharp!

Patterns to Match with Each Suit

Patterns can bring a unique touch to your wedding attire, elevating sophistication and adding a dash of personality. Here’s a breakdown of patterns to consider with different suit colors for a wedding:

  1. Black or Charcoal Suits:
    • Patterns: Pinstripes are a classic choice. A subtle houndstooth or faint windowpane check can also be elegant.
    • Pairing: Complement with a solid tie or one with minimal patterns. Too many patterns can be overwhelming with these foundational suit colors.
  2. Navy Blue Suits:
    • Patterns: Windowpane checks, birdseye patterns, or chalk stripes work well with navy, offering a dynamic yet traditional look.
    • Pairing: Polka-dotted ties or ties with diagonal stripes in contrasting colors, such as red or gold, can be fetching with navy.
  3. Light Gray or Beige Suits:
    • Patterns: Glen check (or Prince of Wales check) and subtle plaids are your friends here. They add depth without overpowering the light color.
    • Pairing: Pastel-colored ties with understated floral patterns or paisley can be a delightful choice.
  4. Summer Creams or Whites:
    • Patterns: Often, these suits are best kept solid to maintain their clean, breezy look. If you must, opt for very faint self-patterns.
    • Pairing: A tie with a bold pattern or color can serve as a statement piece against the neutral backdrop of the suit.

Remember, while patterns can add character to your outfit, it’s essential to avoid overdoing it. Strive for balance. If your suit is loud, keep the shirt and tie quieter, and vice versa. Mixing patterns requires a careful eye to ensure they don’t compete but rather complement each other harmoniously.

Accessorizing Each Wedding Suit Color

Accessorizing can elevate your wedding attire, adding that final touch of polish and personal flair. Here’s how to accessorize various wedding suit colors:

  1. Black or Charcoal Suits:
    • Tie: Go with a classic silk tie in a solid color, or with subtle patterns. Silver, red, or deep blue can be especially fetching.
    • Pocket Square: White or a color that complements the tie.
    • Cufflinks: Silver or black, something understated and elegant.
    • Shoes: Black leather, preferably polished to a shine.
  2. Navy Blue Suits:
    • Tie: Gold, burgundy, or even a lighter blue. Striped or polka-dotted patterns can add flair.
    • Pocket Square: A contrasting color to your tie or something patterned for a playful touch.
    • Cufflinks: Gold or silver, depending on other accents.
    • Shoes: Dark brown or black, depending on the overall look and venue.
  3. Light Gray or Beige Suits:
    • Tie: Pastel colors or earth tones. Think sage green, blush pink, or sky blue.
    • Pocket Square: Light patterns or a shade complementing the tie.
    • Cufflinks: Rose gold or silver.
    • Shoes: Light to medium brown or tan.
  4. Summer Creams or Whites:
    • Tie: Lighter shades like peach, mint, or even nautical navy stripes.
    • Pocket Square: Brighter pops of color or something that plays off the tie’s hue.
    • Cufflinks: Gold or pearl-accented.
    • Shoes: Tan or white, depending on the suit and overall vibe.

General Tips:

  • Watches: Make sure the metal of your watch matches other metals you’re wearing (like cufflinks or belt buckles).
  • Belt: Should be closely matched or complementing the color of your shoes.
  • Lapel Pins or Brooches: Can be a fun addition, but they should be subtle if your ensemble is already quite bold.

Remember, while accessories can help personalize your look, it’s essential to strike a balance. Aim for complementing, not competing. And always consider the overall vibe of the wedding, from its formality to its location, when choosing your accessories.

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