Yves Saint Laurent Suit

The Yves Saint Laurent suit has been a welcome addition to men’s fashion industry.  In this review I hope to tell you why.

The man himself, Yves Saint Laurent came to stardom through his haute couture lineup for women. These days however, he is designing much more than that. His creations really come to life with his beautifully crafted men’s suits.

This company isn’t nearly as popular as it was in the past, but its still available for sale and is certainly worth mentioning.

Yves Saint Laurent Suit Style

With the name sewn over and over again into the inseam everyone will know you’re wearing one of these expensive suit jackets. I really love the attention to detail that the designers put into an Yves Saint Laurent suit.

These suits were really popular back in the seventies, and still have a seventies cut and feel to them.


It seems these days these suits are mostly fused rather than canvassed. Considering how costly they can be, they really should not be fused.

This being said, the suits are still made from quality fabrics and they can be beautiful.


The coloring leans more towards the traditional hues. You may find a more diverse model from time to time, but don’t look for anything outlandish.


You’ll find the high name recognition of these suits does come with a high price tag of around $1,200 but can be found cheap if you know what you’re doing.  I once bought an Yves Saint Laurent suit at a thrift store that was in mint condition.

This suit ended up costing me twenty five dollars and a few dollars to tailor the length of the pants.


This designer shows quality craftsmanship at its best. Wear this as your luxury suit and you won’t go wrong.

2016 update

Yves Saint Laurent really seems to be re-inventing itself lately.

The Yves Saint Laurent suit has stepped out of the 70’s and has gone from a cool vintage suit to a more fashion-forward one.  Even the YSL website seems to have taken on a more “edgy” design.

Yves Saint Laurent Suit Example

This is a more conservative Yves Saint Laurent suit.

In the Yves Saint Laurent suit example on the left, you’ll see that Yves Saint Laurent has come back from it’s historical 70’s style lapel.

Also, you’ll note that the shoulder pads only add a small amount of mass to the shoulders and allow for a more gentle slope.

This suit jacket is modern enough and conservative enough for anyone to wear to the office.

mens yves saint laurent suit
This is a more flashy Yves Saint Laurent suit.

However, if you look at the suit jacket on the right, you’ll see that YSL has added a bit of flare to the jacket with flashy gold buttons.

While the gold buttons may be accepted in some offices, I’d shy away from wearing it to a more conservative job.

Even though most businesses are once again comfortable with people wearing black suits to work, they probably won’t be very accepting of this black suit with “look at me” buttons.


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