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Zegna Suit

The Zegna suit is known for its superb tailoring, fine Italian craftsmanship, and fantastic fabrics.

Created almost 100 years ago, this brand has kept its traditional styles and has still managed to do much more than endure the test of time.

While many brands tend to fizzle out as soon as the original owners pass on, this brand seems to have actually grown.

Descendants of the original creator Emenegildo, have this to say about their product line, “very classic tailoring, rich and supple fabrics, and obsessive attention to detail make Zegna the Rolls Royce of menswear”.

The original maker of this line has moved on but his classic cuts have not.

Zegna does not do anything less than full lining so expect maximum comfort when wearing any of these suits. Also take note that the pants are lined down to the knees.

You’ll find that some of these suits are fused and some are not. If you decide to buy a suit made by Zegna, you should find out how it is canvassed before you decide to buy.  You don’t want to pay full-canvassed suit prices for a fused suit.

This suit can be found in traditional colors and patterns with a contemporary cut.

Expect retail prices on these suits to be well over $2,000. Even a used Zegna suit on Ebay can go for well over a few hundred dollars.

Although the price may be a bit steep the quality cuts and materials may be well worth the price. A fused suit made by Zegna is often better than a fully canvassed suit made by an inferior brand.

These suits provide great comfort, quality, and style. If you have the money and want a very nice suit that you can buy right off the rack, this suit brand might be just what you’re looking for.

Zegna Suit Example

zegna suit

This solid navy Zegna suit is currently being sold at Nordstrom for $1,395.00

This is a current model (2016) solid navy blue Zegna suit. It has flat-fronted trousers and a trim fit throughout.

Slim fitting suits are very popular among many of the top suit designers right now.

Other than the trim fit, this Zegna suit is very much a traditional suit.

As you can see, it is a two button suit in a conservative color with shoulders that gently slope in a very natural way.

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