Allyn Saint George

Allyn Saint George is an American suit designer. He makes great affordable made to wear garments most would be proud to wear. In addition to suits, you can also find shirts and ties made by this designer as well.

What many people don’t know is that a multitude of other companies also have a license to use his name. However, before anything can go out on the racks, Mr. Saint George himself must approve it.


These designs have already been around for a few decades. In the 1970’s Hart Schaffner Marx licensed with them and a few other big designers to produce some beautiful suits of that era. The typical ASG wearer is price sensitive, which has kept this brand from gaining die hard loyalty and brand exposure.


Styling is ultra conservative and perfect for interviews and office jobs. Buy these suits in bulk as your favorite work wear. They make great suits for sales people that are constantly pounding the pavements doing cold calls.

As you may know, sales people tend to wear their suits out much faster than your typical office worker. This is because their suits are exposed to the weather each day and are walked around in constantly.

The low cost of this suit combined with the conservative styling makes this a perfect suit that can be replaced often without the sales person going bankrupt.


Materials used are always wool with nylon shelling on the inside. The prices may be low but you can easily find jackets that are fully lined.


Colors do not vary greatly. However, you will find all the traditional colors such as black, blue, brown, and gray.


These suits were selling in the $200 to $300 range. The designer himself said he wanted to keep the price low to serve middle America. I’ve seen some used ones on Ebay recently for less than a hundred dollars.


This is a great suit for the man on a budget but don’t expect to look fancy in it. Buy this suit if your looking for a cost effective work uniform.

Allyn Saint George Suits – Update

Its been a long time since I’ve actually seen Allyn Saint George suits selling new.

While I still see this suit with its brand name stitched inside it in thrift stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill, I would be hard pressed to point you to anybody that still had an unused ASG suit for sale.

A good alternative might be to go with a Hart Schaffner Marx suit. Some of the lower priced models will go for less than $400. Not bad for a suit that even the President doesn’t mind wearing.

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